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Art Appreciation Photo and Contemporary

 2/2 & 2/16
1:00 PM/CH 

Photography conquers the 20th Century

Hosted by: Professor Irene Sfakianos

 2/2 During the early 20th Century, photography moved away from its roots as a medium used solely for portraiture. New ideas evolved for using the camera for creating art. We will look at the work created during this transition and those brilliant early photographers who took this leap into Modernism!

Contemporary Mural Arts

2/16 Mural Painting has a rich tradition throughout centuries of Western Art. We, however, will examine 20th and 21st Century twists to this genre, including the intriguing Trompe L’oeil venue (That is, to “fool the eye”) in which the viewer is not immediately sure of what he is seeing! Is it paint or real life?  Come and enjoy these installations!

Open to the public.  Call for more information.