Art Appreciation Photo and Hyperrealism

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Art Appreciation Photo and Hyperrealism

 1/5 & 1/19
1:00 PM/CH 

Photo and Hyperrealism 

Hosted by: Professor Irene Sfakianos 

1/5 We will be examining the phenomenon, beginning in the late 1960’s and continuing through to the present day, called Photo Realism and Hyperrealism. These movements in the Art World are in direct contrast to the trend toward Digital Art. Instead of relying on computers and photography to fabricate an image, the artists whose works we will be visiting, rely on traditional skills to create paintings and sculptures that seem so real that one must use all the powers of the mind to understand that what one is seeing is Art and not reality!

Beloved American Illustrators

1/12 Join us to look at the illustrious careers and outstanding illustrations of notable artists such as Howard Pyle, Maxfield Parrish, and Norman Rockwell.  Art Historians and Galleries dispute the contributions of illustrators due to the inherent commercialism of their trade, but there is no dispute that their artistic contributions play an important role in 20th century American Art!  A fascinating exploration!

Open to the public.  Call for more information.