Friday – Egypt: 1,000 Years before the Pyramids

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Friday – Egypt: 1,000 Years before the Pyramids

11/12 & 11/19

11:00 AM/CH

Instructor: Stephen “Dr. Steve” Phillips, Ph.D.,

The pyramids along the Nile River are the most identifiable and tangible links to ancient Egypt’s past. While arguably the best-known aspect of ancient Egypt, the age of the pyramids is not the starting point of ancient Egyptian history.

More than a thousand years before the first pyramid was ever built, a wonderfully diverse and vibrant culture arose along the Nile River. This class examines the beginnings of ancient Egyptian civilization; the rise of ancient Egyptian kings such as Narmer (image above), Aha, and Den; the formulation of the state and religion, as well as the development of royal tombs comprise what Egyptologist’s today designate as the Predynastic Period.

The ancient Egyptian cultural remains from this time – a treasure trove of beautiful art and artifacts, as well as the remains of tombs and towns, are plentiful despite being some 5.000 years-old. Images of these artifacts illustrate the lecture.