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9/4, 9/11, 9/18, & 9/25
3:00 PM/CH

Hosted by: Professor Judy Okun

9/4 Russia: A Challenging Geography

Join us as we explore the vast land of Russia and how its challenging geography has contributed to the history and current issues of this, the largest country in the world.

9/11 Exploring Europe through its Geography

Join us as we examine the fascinating continent of Europe through a geographic lens. Topics to be discussed are: prehistory, the EU, refugees, trade and physical geography.

9/18 Alaska: The Great Land

Pack your parka as we embark on an expedition to the 49th state. Our focus will be on prehistory, Russian Alaska, gold and oil.

9/25 The Evolution of English

Join us as we chart the fascinating evolution of the English language from an obscure language of a distant island to the Linga Franca of today with hundreds of millions of speakers.

Open to the public.  Call for more information.