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11/6, 11/13, & 11/20
3:00 PM/CH

Hosted by: Professor Judy Okun

11/6—The Story of Indo-European Languages
We will chart the extraordinary story of the Indo-European language family from its origins in Eurasia to becoming the most widespread language grouping in the world.

11/13—The Geography of World Religions
We will chart the origins and dispersal of many of the world’s major religions through an historical and geography lens. Arabia, Israel, Africa and India will be some of our focal points.

11/20—Farming, Labor and World Development
The type of labor which a country is involved in is an indication of many aspects of society—economic development, women’s status, population growth and more. We will focus on some of the less developed and more developed countries in examining this dynamic topic.

Open to the public.  Call for more information.