Wednesday – History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore

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Wednesday – History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore

12/1 & 12/29
2:00 PM/CH

Instructor: Herb Kaufman

12/1 Happy Holiday’s:  Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Traditions.

Ever wonder who is known in history as the “Mother of Thanksgiving.”  Have you ever thought about why Hanukkah involves eating jelly donuts? These and many other interesting questions are explored in this timely holiday program. Starting with the real story of the Pilgrims, we explore the myths and traditions of Thanksgiving. We tell the tale of which president began the tradition of pardoning the turkey, how the Thanksgiving parades began, and which President decided to change the day of the holiday.

Then we look at the interesting true history of Hanukkah, many of Hanukkah’s traditions, and the real story behind the spinning dreidel.

12/29 History’s Mysteries of American History

“People who became food; How much is our money really worth? Is there really an Uncle Sam?  Did Teddy Roosevelt truly lead a cavalry charge up San Juan Hill?  Did American cowboys actually wear ten-gallon hats?” Many of these stories and legends have seeped into the story of American history and are repeated as fact in schools, history books and on televised history programs.  But are these stories actually true or are they American folklore and distorted or altered to provide a more interesting account?  Historical knowledge is often imperfect or erroneously portrayed by myths, half-truths, general omissions, or even total fabrication.