Wednesday – History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore

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Wednesday – History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore

1/5 & 1/19

1:00 PM/CH

Instructor: Herb Kaufman

1/5 Historical knowledge is often imperfect or erroneously portrayed by myths, half-truths, general omissions, or even total fabrication. Many of these stories and legends have seeped into the story of American history and are repeated as fact in schools, history books and on televised history programs.  But are these stories actually true or are they American folklore and distorted or altered to provide a more interesting account?

1/19 The Reel Story: Hollywood and the Civil War

This program presents many of the notable, interesting and more remarkable films that capture different perspectives about the Civil War.  It examines the writers, novels, and the films, many of which have become iconic depictions of this historic era. We will take a more in-depth look at the making of Gone with the Wind.