Wednesday – History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore

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Wednesday – History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore


@ 2:00 PM/CH

Instructor: Herb Kaufman

11/3 History’s Mysteries Legends and Lore 

11/3 Through the years we have heard and read about many interesting personalities and events that have become the “things of legend.”  Many have taken on a life of their own, resulting in books, movies and television programs that lead us to believe that these were actual people and that the events truly happened.

Every day stories are repeated in high schools, museums, and television programs because they are catchy, humorous or entertaining (“Who actually discovered America?”  “Was there truly a Lady Godiva?”   “Were Salem witches really burned at the stake?”  “Did Robin Hood save King Richard?”  “Where was Camelot and when did King Arthur live?”)

This program focuses on these legends and stories of mysterious, misrepresented and often wholly created incidents and events.

11/17 The Music That Got Us Through World War II

World War II “was a glorious time for songs.” Families depended on their radio for home entertainment.  During the war, radios were filled with new patriotic and sentimental songs; romantic ballads and many novelty songs reached the top of the music charts.  This was the era of the big band and many young vocalists became stars.  The program includes the music and songs of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Judy Garland, Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters, Vera Lynn, Helen Forrest and many more.

Using CD’s and highlighted by many original World War II era 78 rpm records, (I bring my own record player), patriotic music, sentimental songs, comic melodies and music that has been woven into the fabric of our American culture are presented.