Lev Tov Program


At Lions Gate, we often hear from patients and their loved ones asking how they can thank their caregivers. They are moved by the remarkable and compassionate treatment provided by the people who cared for them during their stay in our Rehabilitation Center, Assisted Living community or Skilled Nursing Care.

Patients and family members now have a way to show their appreciation to those special individuals through Lions Gate’s Lev Tov Program. They will have a way to recognize a nurse, CNA, physical therapist or anyone else at Lions Gate who has made the experience a special one.

Lev Tov means a “Good Heart” in Hebrew. It is our way of expressing a basic core value of Jewish life. Our tradition demands that we look outward to provide for the needs of the community and for the needs of all those who need help in the world.

What makes a good heart?

  • Someone who smiles easily
  • Someone who likes to see other people succeed
  • Someone who sees the good in others and does not define them by their faults
  • Someone who cries when hearing the pain of another human being


To recognize a caregiver through our Lev Tov Program, download the Lev Tov form using the button below. Please complete the form and return to the Director of Development, at Lions Gate. Share your story with us and recognize the good heart of a nurse, CNA, physical therapist or anyone else who made a difference in your life – or the life of a loved one. If you honor a caregiver through the Lev Tov Program, he/she will receive a Lev Tov lapel pin and recognition on the Lions Gate website.

You also have the opportunity as part of the Lev Tov Program to make a monetary “Good Heart” contribution in a caregiver’s honor. While not required, these gifts help to support the many programs and activities offered to our healthcare residents who need our assistance. If you make a “Good Heart” contribution in a caregiver’s honor, he or she also will receive notification of your generous gift. You can donate using the link below.

Your good heart and gifts can make a difference in their lives. We hope that your 100% tax-deductible gift will inspire others to contribute to this worthy program.

 Lev Tov Lapel Pin



For more information and other opportunities for contributions, please contact

(856) 679-2189