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Jewish Philanthropy: The Concept of Tzedakah

“Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for charity; giving aid, assistance and money to the poor and needy, or to worthwhile causes. It is the responsibility to give a portion of one’s personal substance for the common good. But it is more than giving money to the poor; done properly, tzedakah requires the donor share his or her compassion and empathy along with the money. Judaism teaches the belief that donors benefit from tzedakah as much or more than the recipients.”

Weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, milestone birthdays and other celebrations are just a few fun and unique ways in which you can raise funds for your favorite charity. In 2015, Lions Gate Board of Trustees Vice President, Larry Gottlieb and his wife Kelly helped raise over $10,000 when they decided to mark their nuptials by asking their guests to make a donation in their honor to Jewish Senior Housing and Health Care Service. Larry said, “We felt that having our friends and family make a donation to JSHHS in lieu of gifts reflected more about who we are as a couple.”

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Read more about Larry and Kelly Gottlieb’s story

Kelly and Larry Gottlieb knew exactly what they wanted in a wedding celebration. Recently married, they enjoyed the wedding of their dreams in Philadelphia at the Hotel Monaco surrounded by their children, close friends and family. They also knew what they didn’t want: gifts. The Gottliebs are among a growing trend of philanthropic couples integrating donations to a charity of their choice into their wedding celebrations.

The couple requested loved ones mark their nuptials with a donation to JSHHS, an organization whose mission they are very passionate about – quality of living and care for seniors.  “We already had everything we needed,”explained Larry, Vice President of the JSHHS Board of Trustees. “We felt that having our friends and family make a donation to JSHHS in lieu of gifts reflected more about who we are as a couple.”

Kelly added that since this is a second marriage for both of them, they wanted to do something more meaningful. “There are people in need. We have everything we could ever want, so we felt why not encourage other people to give?”

“We are hopeful more people will take the example of Kelly and Larry Gottlieb” said Director of Development at Lions Gate. “Charitable donations made in place of gifts integrated into weddings and other milestone celebrations can provide organizations like JSHHS much-needed support throughout the year, and can generate a series of generosity and awareness.”

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