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Monday – On Stage Live, Life & Music of

1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24 & 1/31
7:30 PM/CH

1/3 Jan Peerce – One of the most well-known tenors of the Broadway and Operatic stage, Jan Peerce preceded the famous Richard Tucker at the Metropolitan Opera House by four years. He, like Tucker, came from a cantorial background, and often served as an international artistic ambassador, especially known for making a sensation while singing in Moscow. He was on the roster of the Met from 1941 to 1967. He is also well-known for his hit recording of “The Bluebird of Happiness.”

1/10 Harry Belafonte – Singer, songwriter, activist and actor, Belafonte is one of the most successful Jamaican-born artists in American history. He is remembered for his “Calypso” album and style, the “Banana Boat Song” with the famous “Day-o” lyric, his lifelong activism in the Civil Rights Movement and for his films, including “Carmen Jones.”

1/17 Lena Horne – Lena Horne got her start at the Cotton Club in the 1930’s at the age of 16, and then embarked on a career of song, film and activism that spanned 70 years. Her talent and beauty were assets that made her one of the most well-known Black performers to break through into mainstream entertainment in America, despite adversity and racism.

1/24 Tony Martin – Tony Martin was known for his stream of popular hits from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, but his career covered over 70 years. He was married to dancer Cyd Charisse for 60 years. Some of the most well-known songs that he recorded were “Walk Hand In Hand,” “I Love Paris,” “Stranger In Paradise” and “I Get Ideas.”

1/31 Deanna Durbin – Leaving Hollywood fame and fortune behind most mysteriously was one of the enigmatic questions of Durbin’s versatile career. She sang popular songs, musical theater songs and operatic arias with equal ease and beauty. She appeared in films with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, and then became a box-office draw in her own right, creating a career that ended abruptly when she left performing and became an ex-patriot in Europe.