Music Appreciation w/ Michael Ludwig

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Music Appreciation w/ Michael Ludwig

Lecture Series: Music Appreciation w/ Michael Ludwig

7/15 & 7/29
1:00 PM/CH

7/15: This will be a study of Frank Sinatra’s great recordings and performances. We will explore, from my perspective as a musician, what made his artistry so profound and inspiring.

This will feature his great work, along with the great composers, lyricists, and arrangers that he worked with.

7/29: Michael Ludwig was the Associate Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra for 14 years. His father was his violin teacher and was a violinist in the Philadelphia Orchestra for 39 years. This lecture draws upon those experiences playing in a legendary orchestra with a worldwide reputation for the “Philadelphia Sound”, to explore what constitutes great string playing in a symphony orchestra.

Open to the public.  Call for more information.