The Rehabilitation Center at Lions Gate – Successful Results for Post-Hospital Care

The Rehabilitation Center at Lions Gate – Successful Results for Post-Hospital Care

You just can’t argue with the facts…The Rehabilitation Center at Lions Gate, which is open to the public, reports continued patient satisfaction, as well as a reduction in hospital readmissions. The average length of stay nationally is 29 days; at Lions Gate, it is only 18 days. In addition, Lions Gate hospital readmissions are, on average, only one in nine, while nationally they are nearly one in five!

AND you can’t argue with glowing patient testimonials, like this one from Edith Seltzer, “As I return home, I feel gratitude toward the entire Lions Gate staff. I have an overwhelming feeling of joy, and I feel 20 years younger! My stamina and endurance have improved much more than what they were prior to my injury. I can’t thank Lions Gate enough.”

Or this one from the son of a Lions Gate patient, “My father was wheelchair bound, using oxygen and was unable to swallow food or liquids. The therapies he received while at Lions Gate gave him the ability to eat once again; restored his capability to perform daily tasks such as dressing, bathing and feeding himself; regained his strength and endurance; and he is now able to walk on his own.”

Patients and their families can enjoy the private entrance for the Rehabilitation Center at Lions Gate; the beautiful sitting areas where they can visit with friends or family by the fireplace; Executive Chef-prepared meals served in well-appointed dining rooms on each floor; private rooms with large flat screen televisions and private bathrooms with spacious showers; and a state-of-the-art gym with a wall of windows for warm natural lighting. Aquatic therapy is also available in our indoor, heated pool.

Lions Gate provides hands-on, one-on-one physical, occupational and speech therapies to meet the individual needs of each patient. For more information, contact us for details.