Fridays – Searching for Neanderthals in Southwest France

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Fridays – Searching for Neanderthals in Southwest France

7/15 & 7/22

11:00 AM/CH

Instructor: Stephen “Dr. Steve” Phillips, Ph.D.

Humankind’s evolutionary cousins, the Neanderthals, survived in Europe and parts of the Middle East for some 250,000 years. Modern France holds the sites of some of the most significant Neanderthal excavations and discoveries.

Each summer from 1996 to 1999, Dr. Steve served as the Field Laboratory Supervisor for the Penn Museum excavations at Fontechevade Cave, a site located deep in the French countryside, about two hours northeast of Bordeaux. In this class we go behind the scenes on an actual archaeology dig, where we learn who the Neanderthals were, what was their role in the human story, and what they left behind to tell us their own story. They were far closer to us, in every way, than you might imagine. Spend an afternoon in warm and sunny France on an archaeology dig deep in a cave, how we search for evidence of past life-ways more than 60,000 years-old, and what camp life is like while on an excavation in France.”

Is archaeology really like Indiana Jones?