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Sundays – Art Appreciation

7/11, 7/18, & 7/25
2:00 PM/CH

Hosted by: Professor Irene Sfakianos


This wonderful museum, a quick trip from Manhattan, houses some of the most outstanding collections of art from all over the world.  We will investigate the origins of the museum and visit many of the collections.  In addition to a fine collection of Early American Art, we will see the Arts of Africa,  The Pacific Islands, Asia, Egyptian, Classical, European, Contemporary Art, the Decorative Arts and, of course the new Sackler Center for Feminist Art, which houses Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party.  So much to see! Join us!


What a trip! ….. through centuries of history from Ancient Greece and Mediterranean cultures!

We will explore the myths of the Gods and Goddesses and see their original sculptures. The museum houses artifacts of jewelry and ceramics, including wonderfully preserved painted vases. If you have never been to the Archaeological Museum, then come to this session! It is remarkable. And if you have had the good fortune to have visited there, then come and join us and tell us about your favorite collections!

7/ 25:  GETTY CENTER, Los Angeles, CA

The Getty Center sits on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains. There are panoramic views of Los Angeles, from the Pacific Ocean to the San Gabriel Mountain in the East past the vast street-grid of the city.  The grounds are handsomely landscaped!  The museum, designed by architect Richard Meier, is a brilliant assemblage of contemporary design!  The collection houses centuries of brilliant European Art!  Don’t miss this one!