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Tuesdays – Travel & Photography

2/13 & 2/27 @ 2:30 PM/CH

Instructor: Pat Worley     

2/13 Vancouver to Seward /Coastal Temperate Rainforest

When we think of Alaska, we think of snow and lots of it! However, there is a region of Alaska where the temperature ranges between 32 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit and rain dominates the forecast all year round.  We will travel along the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver, B.C., and Canada to Seward Alaska through the Coastal Temperate Rainforest and visit fjords and glaciers along the coast.

 2/27 The Big Cats

 We will visit the big cats of Africa. We will take an up-close look at the magnificent Cheetah, Lion, and Leopard as they roam in their natural habitat.  We will also wander through a Tiger preserve South Africa where an effort has been made to breed and reintroduce once captive tigers into the wild.