Tuesday – Travel & Photography

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Tuesday – Travel & Photography

12/6 & 12/20 @ 2:00 PM/CH

Instructor: Pat Worley

The Winter White Wonders of the Bird World

12/6 One of the most spectacular wonders of nature is the lift-off of over 100,000 snow geese on a frosty winter morning. This incredible spectacle is part of their migration as they head home to the Tundra to breed. Nature photographer, Pat Worley has documented the greater snow goose in Brigantine, NJ and in Middle Creek, PA showing their beauty and immense numbers as this bird of a feather flock together. Pat will also share her images of the solitary Snowy Owl and the magnificent Tundra Swans who also find their home away from home along the Atlantic Flyway right here in the Delaware Valley. You don’t need to be a bird lover to appreciate the splendor of these winter white wonders of the bird world. Come see for yourself.


12/20 Iceland is one of most interesting locations in the world. We will take a tour of the waterfalls, black sand beach and the blue lagoon on this magnificent and diverse island country.