At Your Service

At Your Service

With the help of committed volunteers, donors and supporters, Jewish Senior Housing can continue to improve and enhance the lives of our seniors in need in the community.  We are offering you this opportunity to “buy a service” for our residents who are living on very limited incomes.   Your donation towards such services as buying haircuts, sponsoring monthly birthday parties, sponsoring monthly Shabbat services or taking 10-15 residents out to lunch can make a tremendous difference in our residents’ lives, and help give them the support and dignity they deserve.

These donations are 100% tax-deductible.  For more information you can also call (856) 679-2189.

Saltzman House

  • Shabbat Services $118/month
  • Monthly Birthday Parties (Includes food & entertainment) $250/month
  • Men’s Club Dinner Meeting $40/month
  • Take 10-15 Residents Out to Lunch ($20/person) $300/month
  • Take 10-15 Residents to the Movies ($12/person) $180/month

Lions Gate

Long Term Care Residents

  • Monthly excursions for 10-15 Residents Out to Lunch $300 ($20/person)
  • Cable TV Charges $204/ yearly
  • Men’s Hair Cut $56/monthly
  • Women’s Shampoo & Cut $88/monthly
  • Shampoo Blow Dry & Curl $104/monthly
  • Shampoo Cut Blow Dry & Curl $40/visit
  • Manicure $16/visit

Our residents are very grateful for your thoughtful gifts and support.

Your donation for any of these services is 100% tax deductible

For more information, please contact
Sarah Zalcmann at [email protected]