Planned Giving



The Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service (JSHHS) Endowment Fund allows you, as the donor, to continue your philanthropic efforts beyond your lifetime. By designating Lions Gate in your estate planning, you will ensure your commitment to our mission remains a vital part of our future.

By providing a designation, bequest or planned gift to the JSHHS Endowment Fund, you can help ensure the future care of our seniors as they move through our continuum. Your gift can make a huge impact in our residents’ lives and help preserve our exceptional quality of care for future generations of seniors in our community.

Your support can include a present-day gift of cash or stock, or a gift that will be realized in the future, such as an insurance policy, IRA, charitable gift annuity or other assets gifted through your will. Another consideration for CCRC residents is to designate a percentage of your entry fee to the Lions Gate Endowment Fund which helps alleviate inheritance taxes.

Through your thoughtful planning, the JSHHS Endowment Fund will allow you to leave a lasting legacy and provide a positive situation for you, your family and JSHHS. We are here to answer any questions and meet with you to discuss your choices.

Schedule an appoint to discuss your legacy today. Contact us at (856) 679-2189.


LIFE & LEGACY is a partnership of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) and the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. that promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit local Jewish organizations within the community. Being selected for this program is a great honor for the JCF and a momentous occasion for the long-term benefit of the Southern New Jersey Jewish community.

Only a small handful of communities throughout North America are accepted to participate each year, and the communities that have been involved thus far have had overwhelming success since the launch of LIFE & LEGACY, collectively raising many millions of dollars in after-lifetime giving.

Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service is one of several organizations within the Southern New Jersey community that is participating in this philanthropic initiative in order to assure Jewish tomorrows for all of our beloved seniors.

“Wealth may last a lifetime. A legacy of good deeds lasts forever.”

Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your dreams, lifestyles, family and financial needs. All of us regardless of wealth, age or affiliation, have the ability to leave a legacy. Please consult your professional advisor to discuss your needs and to help you accomplish what you want for your family and community.



For more information and other opportunities for contributions, please contact

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