Susan Love Memorial Fund

Susan Love Memorial Fund

The Lions Gate community is deeply saddened by the loss of our CEO, Susan Love. The staff feels incredibly grateful to have known and worked for Susan, a woman of great integrity, a wonderful leader and a strong advocate for seniors and long-term care.  Our residents will miss her as well, as they remember the countless times she sat with them and chatted, or greeted them by name in the community, always willing to share her time with them.  Susan was the heart and soul of Lions Gate.

We will honor Susan’s memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work she loved so much. We plan on acknowledging and celebrating the countless contributions that Susan made to Lions Gate both professionally and personally at a later date.

We have created the Susan Love Memorial Fund at Lions Gate.  These funds will be used on a future projects that will commemorate Susan’s legacy and honor the community that she loved so much.  

For more information and other opportunities for contributions, please contact

(856) 679-2189