Elinor’s sunny outlook is positively contagious.

Elinor’s sunny outlook is positively contagious. “To be happy, be grateful for what you have around you” said Elinor. “Look around Lions Gate. How can you not be happy with all of the services here? I have dinner cooked for me every night. I have housekeeping once a week. If I need anything, I just pick up the phone, and the concierge has someone at my door before we even hang up. Lions Gate is the ultimate place to be — good food, great entertainment, true safety. It’s full of wonderful people, and it’s easy to stay involved. We play Scrabble, Rumikub, or cards in the evenings after dinner. Everyone is so happy to be active, and socializing. I never feel alone.”

Elinor moved to Lions Gate in July 2021. She had a recent health scare that involved several trips to the ER, so she knew she needed to make a change. “I am very independent, but I acknowledge that living alone wasn’t the best choice for me anymore. My children have lives of their own, and I didn’t want to disrupt their lives with an emergency. They were relieved when I said it was time to move to Lions Gate. Now that I’m here, I can honestly say it’s clear I made the right choice. I remain independent, but if I need help, it’s just the push of a button away.”

And boy is Elinor independent! She drives her own car at age 92, and spends time with her son and daughter, her 5 grandchildren, and her one great granddaughter. She’s also very close with her younger sister, Marlene Spencer, who lives nearby in Cherry Hill. “To me, total independence means total freedom,” said Elinor. “I don’t sit around waiting to do something. I just do it. I want to do things for myself, and follow my own interests. I don’t give in to not feeling well. I just keep pushing forward, and it gets better. I want to stay living independently for as long as I can. The dietician on staff at Lions Gate ensures that we eat healthy meals, and that’s the first step in keeping myself healthy for a long time to come. They’re really looking out for my best interests here.”

Elinor decided to move at the beginning of May, hoping her townhouse would sell before the end of the year. “The timing to move now was perfect,” said Elinor. “The housing market is very active. I sold my house in one day. My children pitched in to help me downsize, and I moved in to Lions Gate in two months. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Once you simplify your life, it’s easy to be happy.”

Elinor has only been at Lions Gate for a few weeks, but she’s already making new friends. “The luncheon for new residents was lovely, with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails,” said Elinor. “And Lions Gate’s monthly happy hour is such a nice way to meet my neighbors. I also love the open seating in the dining room. I can be seated with friends, and also meet new people. I feel very welcome here. Everyone is so friendly. Living at Lions Gate allows me to take advantage of my free time. I’m not shopping, cooking, or doing housework anymore. Now I can do whatever I want.”

Keep that sunny attitude, Elinor.
We’re so happy you call Lions Gate home!