Fred Rickey is new to Lions Gate.

He moved in mid-pandemic, in September 2020.

Fred Rickey is a researcher. As an historian of mathematics by profession, Fred loves an immersive deep-dive kind of project. He always said that when he retired he planned to go to the library. But the pandemic made that impossible, so now he spends his days — and nights — reading and writing about mathematics. His big projects include the mathematics of Leonhard Euler, the surveying work of George Washington, the history of the mathematics department at West Point, and the history of logic in Poland between the two wars.

“I’m new to Lions Gate,” said Fred, “ I moved in mid-pandemic, in September 2020.”

Fred and his wife lived in Cornwall, NY, for many years, and when they decided to move to a senior living community, he took the lead on thoroughly researching each property. “I liked the fact that Lions Gate is a LifePlan Community,” said Fred. “Not all senior living communities have the whole gambit. My wife unexpectedly passed away before we could move here, so I know how important it is to have care that can change on a dime depending on the curveballs life throws at you. Lions Gate has it all worked out. I know I’ll be cared for here no matter what. Indeed, that care is right here in the building with two physicians on staff. I also like the fact that I can just walk downstairs to take advantage of a gym with a fitness instructor and all manner of lectures. And there are lots of interesting people who live here. Quite satisfying.”

What Fred really likes about Lions Gate is the scenic campus. “The grounds are really beautiful here,” said Fred. “I like the walking paths with all the benches and wooded landscaping. It’s great for taking walks with friends. No other senior living community that I looked at has grounds as nice as this. I also like that Lions Gate is near Philly. If I want to go to a museum, or try a new restaurant, or visit an historical site, it’s all right here. That was really compelling for me. It’s so easy living here. Best decision I ever made. I’m glad I moved while I could enjoy Lions Gate.”

Fred ended the discussion by saying, “Now back to research!”

We’re happy to have you, Fred!