Got a hobby? At Lions Gate there’s probably a club for that! 

From Broadway Club to Bridge Club, from Men’s Chew & Chat to Yiddish Conversation Club, there are a wide range of clubs covering diverse interests, and residents are welcome to join all of them. One of the most popular clubs at Lions Gate is the monthly Book Club.

“Our Book Club started the first month after the doors opened at Lions Gate, back in 2007,” said resident Bonnie Rosenberg, the club’s host. “That’s 16 years of avid readers gathering together to read, discuss, and share the joy of a great book! It’s a wonderful tradition at Lions Gate. We partner with the Camden County Public Library and utilize their Book Club in a Bag service. We choose what book we want to read from a list of over 130 different titles, and the library provides us with 10 copies of the book as well as discussion questions and an author bio. The Lions Gate bus driver picks up our Book Club in a Bag and returns it to the library when we’re finished. It couldn’t be easier.”

The Lions Gate Book Club has 20 active members. “When my husband and I were looking to move to a senior living community, one of the first questions I would ask is ‘Does your community have an established Book Club?’,” said resident Rickie Cohen. “I have always belonged to a Book Club, and it was really important to me that my new community have one. We moved into Lions Gate last month, and this is my first Book Club meeting. I’m thrilled to be here! Reading opens me up to new ideas and viewpoints. I think that is so important in life.”

Plenty of other residents agree, and never miss a meeting. “I can’t imagine my life without reading,” said resident Jeanette Axelrod. “Being part of this Book Club encourages me to read a wide variety of books. I love it.”

This month, the Book Club read Viola Davis’ memoir “Finding Me.” “I would never have sought out this book on my own,” said resident Bonnie Rosenberg, “but having read it for Book Club, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was wonderful.”

“I like to hear how other people process a book,” said resident Jackie Levitt, this month’s discussion moderator. “The discussions we have are always engaging. We aren’t afraid to tackle challenging issues like segregation and racism. Our Book Club is very supportive of each other when sharing personal opinions. We don’t have to agree, but we do have to be respectful.”

“Book Club is a great way to keep your mind sharp,” said resident Sybil Bernstein. “Reading is like a muscle — it exercises your brain. I like the challenge of reading different genres. Our Book Club has introduced me to so many authors I had never read before.”The Lions Gate Book Club meets the third Sunday of every month at 11:00am in the Media Room. The next book they are reading is Hidden Figures, by Margot Lee Shetterly. All are welcome!