At 85 years old, Lois Goldberg says she doesn’t need a bucket list.

“Why would I need a bucket list?” asks Lois. “I have everything I want here at Lions Gate. All of my furniture fit perfectly in my apartment, so it felt like home immediately. I wake up every morning, look out on my patio to this absolutely beautiful view of the big lawn and trees, and I say ‘Thank G-d I am here.’”

Lois moved into Lions Gate in August 2014, after her husband had passed away. “I love it here,” said Lois. “To be honest, I didn’t look anywhere else. I just knew I wanted to be with other Jewish people. I grew up in Belmar near Asbury Park. I went to Drexel for college, and met my husband there. I taught in the Philadelphia Public Schools for 30 years, and lived in Cinnaminson, NJ. Having had those experiences, I just felt it would be meaningful to live with those who share my faith. I find it very comforting. I have beautiful Shabbat services with our wonderful Rabbi Rayna streamed on the TV every Friday night, Saturday morning, and on holidays. What more could I ask for?”

After moving into Lions Gate, Lois eventually became a member of the dining committee. “The food here is great,” said Lois. “We have a wonderful rapport with Chef Shannon, and she meets with our committee monthly. She really takes the comments from the residents to heart. It’s all the comforts of home-cooking without any of the work. I was a home ec teacher, and I don’t miss cooking one bit!”

Lois certainly makes the most of all Lions Gate has to offer. “I go to all the lectures and classes, which are all included here,” said Lois. “I take a dip in the pool once a week. I take the stretch class with the fitness instructor. Plus, I play Canasta and Mahjong in our beautiful card room. I love all the choices we have here. And the people are lovely. The camaraderie with everyone makes every day fun.”

It’s Lois’s outlook on life that really sums up her life at Lions Gate. “Moving to Lions Gate was the gift I gave my children,” she said. “I didn’t want them to worry about me. Now that I’m here, I won’t ever have to move again, no matter what health changes I may face. I feel safe and well-cared for. The support is so reassuring.”

The next time you’re on campus, stop in for dinner in the dining room. Lois will make sure Chef Shannon has something extra special made just for you!