For Marian and Elliot,

2020 was full of ups and downs.

2020 was full of ups and downs, but for Marian and Elliot, ringing in 2021 was the high point of a crazy year.  “We’d only been living at Lions Gate for a few months when the pandemic hit,” said Elliot.  “We didn’t know what to expect, but Lions Gate handled it extremely well.  Of course they follow all CDC orders to a T, but it’s all the little things they have done to keep our spirits up that have been so meaningful.  They drop little surprises at our door all the time.  They delivered warm soft pretzels one afternoon.  Another morning it was muffins and mimosas.  Once they had an ice cream sundae cart stop at each apartment to make us each a sundae with all the fixings.  You just never know what you’ll find when you open your front door.”

“And New Year’s Eve at Lions Gate was wonderful!” enthused Marian.  “They made this delicious lamb chop dinner for us, and delivered it to our door, along with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  We also attended a live Rachmaninoff concert in Commons Hall, all socially distanced of course.  The decorations.  The entertainment.  The food.  It was truly lovely.”

Marian and Elliot first learned about Lions Gate because they had friends here.  “If I knew how much Lions Gate helps with the transition, we would’ve moved sooner,” said Marian.  “We were in our house for 48 years.  Emotionally, we had lots of memories there, but logically we knew it was way too big, and the yard work was just too much for Elliot to handle anymore.  We weren’t sure how to begin, but Lions Gate made it so easy.  They arranged for Byron Home to measure all our furniture and give us a plan for how it would fit in the new apartment.  I felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders.  Life is so much easier here.  No more stairs.  No more raking, or shoveling, or pruning the rose bushes.  And our apartment is just beautiful.  The furniture fit exactly as planned.  We felt at home right away.”

Marian and Elliot take advantage of so much that Lions Gate has to offer.  “I go to so many interesting and fun classes and events,” said Marian.  “I used to go to classes at the JCC, but now I have it all right here.  I’ve been so impressed that the classes, concerts, and events are all included as part of the amenities here.  It all adds up to a community feeling of graciousness and caring.”

“Living at Lions Gate has been positive from Day 1,” said Elliot.  “It makes me feel optimistic about the future.”

We’re so glad to have you, Marian and Elliot. Welcome home!