“The secret to a long life,”smiled Millard,  “is to never have too much down time.”

At 94 years young, Millard Braunstein is like the Energizer bunny. A graduate of both Penn State and Temple Dental School, he practiced dentistry for 40 years before passing the practice on to his two daughters. “My wife, Renee, and I were married for 57 years. We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. I’m a regular at Temple Beth Sholom Shabbat services where I have been a member for 61 years.”

It was Millard’s children who suggested he consider a move to Lions Gate. “I have some friends that live at Lions Gate, so my kids were comfortable with me moving here. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I play bridge after dinner every night, and then we all go to the evening’s entertainment. Sometimes it’s a musical performance, sometimes it’s a movie. It’s great to have so many options.”

One thing Millard appreciates is how easy Lions Gate has made his day-to-day life. “I caught a cold a while ago,” said Millard, “and I was really feeling under the weather. Instead of driving myself to the doctor or calling one of my children to take me, I just called down to the Wellness Center. They told me not to even worry about coming downstairs for an appointment. One of the doctors stopped by my apartment. Can you imagine? It was like an old-fashioned house call. It just made me feel so secure here.”

Not many people would say they feel “secure” amid a pandemic, but Millard feels the exact opposite. “Before the pandemic, I was very social,” said Millard. “I attended TBS morning minyon regularly, played duplicate bridge at the bridge club, took classes and worked out at the JCC, and played poker every Monday night. During the pandemic, it was easy to feel isolated. I just felt like I had too much down time. But moving to Lions Gate in July 2021 gave me a new lease on life. I feel very safe here with their Covid protocols. We’ve all been vaccinated, so that means we can socialize without worry. Now I have all sorts of things to do. I go to the fitness center. I hike around the campus on the walking trails. I attend all sorts of classes — opera, history, Broadway. I eat dinner and play bridge with friends. Lions Gate is a gift to me at this stage of my life.”

When Millard decided to move to Lions Gate, he made himself a promise. “I decided that I was never going to cook dinner for myself again,” laughed Millard. “Living here, I eat dinner in the dining room with friends every night. It’s the people here that make all the difference. Lions Gate is the perfect place for me. It meets all my needs.”

Millard’s sharp mind and good-natured personality helped him fit right in at Lions Gate. Welcome home, Millard!