“One of the biggest reasons I chose to move to Lions Gate was for the pool.”

When was the last time you got in a pool?  Lions Gate residents don’t need to wait for blue skies or warm weather to take a dip.  They just grab a towel and jump in any day of the week.  The indoor heated pool, with crystal clear water and warm temperatures, soothe the weariest muscles.

“One of the biggest reasons I chose to move to Lions Gate was for the pool,” said resident Lilyan Cralle.  “If I knew the pool was heated, I would have moved in sooner!”

Lilyan, age 83, moved to Lions Gate in March 2023.  She quickly organized a group of friends to meet several times a week at the pool for fun and exercise.  “I like to swim laps,” said Lilyan. “Other people like to exercise in the water.  Some residents skip the pool and enjoy the hot tub.  Any place that is lucky enough to have an indoor pool and hot tub always have them in a basement.  But at Lions Gate our pool and hot tub are on the first floor in a room with a beautiful, vaulted ceiling and walls of windows.  One of these days I’m going to be swimming and watch it snow outside.  Now that will be heaven!”

Some of the ladies Lilyan welcomed into the pool club were lifelong swimmers like her, and others hadn’t put on a bathing suit in years.

Resident Lois Goldberg, age 88, was on the Drexel Swim Team during her college years.  “Before I got together with these ladies, I used to swim by myself on Sunday mornings,” said Lois.  “The acoustics in this pool area are wonderful.  I’m not a great singer, but I used to float on my back and sing out loud.  When do you ever get the chance to do that in life?”

Resident Gilda Alsher, age 97, was a swim counselor at Camp Tabor years ago, and still proudly wears a 2-piece bathing suit.  “I moved to Lions Gate in May, met the ladies, and came with them to the pool,” said Gilda.  “It’s as warm as bath water.  The only thing missing is the soap!”

Harriet Gorsen, age 86, said the indoor pool was a factor in choosing to move to Lions Gate.  “I love the pool,” said Harriet.  “It’s always clean, always just the right temp, and the moisture feels so good in the dry winter air.”

Resident Ruth Gross, age 92, hadn’t been in a pool in years.  When she had both hips and both knees replaced, her doctor recommended water exercise to help regain mobility.  “I started coming to the pool with the ladies, and I love it,” said Ruth.  “I feel more energetic now.”

Keep up the good work, ladies. You are an inspiration to us all!