Ruth Gross credits Lions Gate with her sunny outlook on life.

“Every morning I wake up to a bedroom full of sunshine,” smiled Ruth. “And at the end of the day, I enjoy a beautiful orange and purple sunset in my living room. My apartment at Lions Gate has the most warm and peaceful atmosphere. It reminds me every day what a great decision it was to move here as I embrace this next phase of my life.”

Ruth lived in Allentown, PA, for many years. She was married with two children, and had a full life as a buyer for Lit Brothers, and later as a designer for Ethan Allen. “My husband passed away at the end of 2019, and while I had a lot of friends around me, I really wanted to be near my children. My son lives in Cherry Hill, NJ, and my daughter lives in Conshohocken, PA, so I knew I wanted to be somewhere in the Delaware Valley. My son suggested Lions Gate, and that was it. After one tour, I didn’t look anywhere else.”

Ruth immediately felt a kinship at Lions Gate. “I love Jewish traditions,” said Ruth. “I love lighting candles for Shabbat every Friday. I love eating apples dipped in honey at Rosh Hashanah. I love playing the dreidel game at Hanukkah. I love setting a place for Elijah at Passover. And I was thrilled to see that here at Lions Gate we have the choice to embrace all of these traditions. But choice is the point. Plenty of the residents at Lions Gate are not Jewish. It was the welcoming, friendly atmosphere of this community that really struck me as unique. Whatever your traditions, there’s a place for them at Lions Gate.”

Ruth moved in on March 7, 2020, just two days before the pandemic quarantine began. “I only got to eat dinner in the dining room twice,” laughed Ruth. “But as much as this past year has been unusual in so many ways, I really credit Lions Gate’s staff for making every effort to keep all the residents safe and happy. At least three days a week they would drop off little goodies at our doors. Sometimes it was activities, like a jewelry making kit or an adult coloring book. Other times it was treats like an ice cream sundae or wine and hors d’oeuvres. I never knew what I would find when I opened my door. The surprises really kept my spirits up. It’s easy to stay positive when you live at Lions Gate.”

Ruth likes staying busy, and Lions Gate gives her plenty of options. “I go to all the lectures,” said Ruth. The archaeology class is always fascinating, and we have really heated debates in the ethics class. I also love music, so I always go to the opera class and the music appreciation class. And as soon as the Kimmel Center re-opens in Philly, I’ll be going with the Lions Gate group to see everything I can. Before COVID, I had tickets to the Philadelphia Orchestra for 20 years. I’m excited to see live performances again, and the best part is Lions Gate will drive me door-to-door.”

Keep that sunny outlook, Ruth.
We’re so happy you’re here!