Sybil decided to move to Lions Gate 15 YEARS AGO.

“I don’t always take years and years to make a decision,” laughed Sybil. “I first attended a luncheon introducing the Lions Gate community 15 years ago before they even had a groundbreaking. I thought everything they had planned sounded wonderful, so I always had it in the back of my mind that if my husband passed away I would move here when I was on my own. He died in June 2020, and I moved into Lions Gate on December 8, 2020. It was exactly where I needed to be at exactly the right time in my life.”

Although the idea of moving mid-pandemic was daunting, Sybil took it all in stride. “The Covid protocols Lions Gate had in place made me feel safer here than anywhere else,” said Sybil. “I couldn’t wait to move in, and be part of the bubble. And I absolutely love my apartment. I have a beautiful 2-bedroom unit, and I use the second bedroom for a sewing/crafting room. I worked with the Move-In Coordinator to personalize my apartment to fit my needs. She made it so easy. I chose the flooring, carpeting, granite countertops, and paint. I love it! And the kitchen here is just the right size for my needs. I eat in the dining room every night, so I don’t have to cook dinner for myself. But I do like to bake Challah and make soup for my granddaughters every week. I have all the space I need. And when I’m finished baking, I take a break and sit out on my patio that looks out onto a beautifully landscaped courtyard. It’s just so peaceful.”

Sybil has jumped right into the Lions Gate fun from Day 1. “I really enjoy being a member of the Welcome Committee” said Sybil. “I also started a Knitting Club, where twice a month crafters gather to knit, stitch, craft, and enjoy each other’s company. I go to the fitness center for the morning workout class, and I regularly take walks around the Lions Gate campus on the walking trails. I also make it a priority to take all of the classes here. I love to learn! I feel like I’m back in college without all the tests. I always go to the On Stage Live class every Monday night. The performers who give the lectures and sing the music are excellent. And I go to every music class I can — the classical music classes and the opera class are outstanding. The Broadway class is also terrific. The archaeology classes and history classes are right up my alley after having taught high school social studies for years.”

Sybil and her husband always kept a Kosher home, so it was very important to her to live in a senior living community that kept a Kosher dining room. “The food here is delicious, and it’s exactly what I was looking for to maintain my good health,” said Sybil. “I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in recent years, and I’m grateful to the dining staff for the healthy menus they create each week. The soups, the salads, and the vegetables are all very tasty, and there are always lean fish and chicken dishes to choose from. And when I request something special, Dining Services always comes through.

Last week I asked them for a cup of borscht with a little sour cream. It was absolutely delicious!”Sybil certainly makes the most of her days at Lions Gate. “While I love that everything is taken care of for me here,” smiled Sybil, “it’s a good feeling to start each day with a sense of purpose. Volunteering, leading the Knitting Club, and taking classes are all a big part of my life now. But living here still leaves me time to cook for my granddaughters, and nothing feels better than when they need me, too.”

We’re so glad you’re here, Sybil. You’re a wonderful addition to the Lions Gate family of friends.