“We worried every night about Mom living by herself. We can relax now. She is in great hands here and she still feels like she’s home.”

Inge Miller moved into Lions Gate in December 2021, and her two daughters were instrumental in the decision to choose this Life Plan Community.  “We must have looked at ten different communities,” said daughter, Bonnie Miller-Hoffman.  “We really loved Lions Gate.  We liked how it was a big enough community that there were lots of new people to make friends with, but not so big that she would get lost in the shuffle.  We liked that everything is connected and easy to get around, but it’s not like living in a high rise.  We loved that they have so many unique activities here like the painting classes in the art studio.  We loved that there is a bus transport to appointments, but she doesn’t even need the transport because she makes all her doctor appointments right in the Wellness Center now.  It’s all right here.  Mom chose the apartment she liked best, and Lions Gate gave us the opportunity to customize it the way she wanted with new flooring, window treatments, paint, and countertops.  We gave Byron Homes all the measurements for her furniture, and they came up with a design that maximized the space for us.  We set the entire apartment up as Byron Homes had laid out on the space plan, and everything fit perfectly.  We unpacked her clothes, made the bed, stocked her cupboards, and when she walked in on move-in day she literally gasped.  We had made it look exactly like she had it in her house.  She was so happy.”

“It immediately felt like home,” said Lions Gate resident, Inge Miller.  “It’s all so new and beautiful, but the feel of it is exactly like walking into my old home.  When I’m surrounded by all my favorite pictures and art, I couldn’t be happier.”

“And I couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to worry anymore,” said daughter, Fern Mitnick.  “When Mom moved to Lions Gate she didn’t know a soul.  It’s intimidating moving to a new community all by yourself.  At Lions Gate, a new resident is paired up with a long-time resident when they move in. Ruth Gross was the resident who showed Mom around and introduced her to everyone.  I was so relieved when my mom said she had made so many new friends.  She told me when she walks through the dining room everyone says hi to her.  Just to hear my mom sound so happy and relaxed makes me finally feel calm.  I know we made the right choice when we chose Lions Gate.  Lions Gate eliminates all the worry, so we can just enjoy spending time together.”