Did you know Lions Gate Environmental and Dining Services have partnered together to institute a composting program for our food waste?

Many Residents are concerned about not being able to finish their meal and wonder what happens with any leftover food that cannot otherwise be utilized.

As of January 2014 Lions Gate is composting all food matter that may have previously been thought of as trash.

Composting is a natural process by which organic materials are broken down by microorganisms, forming a rich soil-like substance called compost or humus. It can then be used as a soil additive to add richness to gardens. Organic materials include, but are not limited to, leftover food scraps, coffee grounds and vegetable peels.

Composting not only reduces the cost of our trash services but it also decreases the amount of trash that we send to a landfill. This in turn means we are helping to reduce the amount of methane gas emissions otherwise created by landfill trash.

For more information visit the Environmental Protections Agencies website at:

Thank you!