Getting The Most Out of a Post-Acute Care Stay

Getting The Most Out of a Post-Acute Care Stay

Post-acute care is recommended for seniors to provide additional rehabilitation services after a hospital stay. For seniors who have spent some time in the hospital, who have been dealing with an illness or who need to recover after a medical emergency, post-acute care can help them heal and recover.

According to Peggy O’Neill, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lions Gate, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Voorhees, New Jersey, post-acute care encompasses many different types of needs. “Depending on the severity of a seniors’ needs, post-acute care may require seniors to either stay in a skilled nursing facility or to go to an outpatient therapy clinic,” says Peggy. “If the care that a senior needs is not so severe, they may be able to take advantage of care at home. No matter the situation, post-acute care is there to help seniors live well and get back on their feet as quickly as possible.”

No matter how seniors take advantage of post-acute care, one thing is most important: That they get the care they need and get the very most out of it. When seniors stay in a skilled nursing facility, it is often easier to get high-quality care along with an exceptional value. With skilled nurses, therapists and other licensed care professionals right on site, there is constant access to help when seniors need it and information whenever seniors or their families have questions.


Because there is such an array of options for post-acute care and skilled nursing facilities, it is important to know what to look for when choosing a skilled nursing facility. Choosing the right facility can give seniors the right amount of personalized care that can help them to recover quickly and better than ever.

  • What will their insurance cover? Nothing is worse than going through a program only to find out that nothing will be covered and that you’ll be left with expensive bills.

  • What does the facility specialize in? You wouldn’t go anywhere that didn’t specialize in your own specific needs. Be sure to ask what rehabilitation services they specialize in and how successful their programs are.

  • Will care be available 24/7? It’s nice to know that, if need be, there is staff available around the clock to provide the care they need. Be sure to ask if the staff is qualified.

  • How personalized is the care? Health is not one size fits all. The needs of one senior to the next can change depending on the severity of the health problem, what their needs are and the program they are following. Check to make sure plans are personally tailored to individual needs.

  • Are there any other services provided? Are exercise programs available? Are seniors able to take part in the community programming? Does it cost extra or is it included?

It can always help to get a healthcare professional’s opinion and have them provide a list of leading rehabilitation centers. Often, doctors and other healthcare providers can direct seniors to rehabilitation centers that are a good fit for their needs.


When seniors spend time in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center to receive post-acute care, they should take every opportunity they can get to heal and strengthen their bodies so they can return to the activities they love! Try some of the following ways to get the very most out of your post-acute care stay:

  • Get to know your care team. Getting to know a care team on a personal level can help them to personally tailor a plan to your needs, not to mention make your stay a little more fun. Talk to the staff and build a relationship. After all, they are there to help you.

  • Ask plenty of questions. Rehabilitation and healthcare can be confusing. If you have questions or concerns, go ahead and ask. Team members will do the best they can to ensure you have a good understanding of the care you are receiving.

  • Take advantage of what the center offers. If your post-acute care stay allows for seniors to take advantage of the community’s programs and lifestyle, go for it. Enjoy the clubs, social opportunities and healthy dining options that many provide.

  • If you are in pain, let staff know. It’s common for seniors to feel some type of pain when in post-acute care. Again, team members are there to help. They will do their best to find ways to manage and help reduce pain.

  • Be positive. A positive outlook can help seniors recover quicker and easier, not to mention the more positive you are, the easier it will be to relax and focus on recovering.

When it’s time to leave the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center and return home, be sure to follow the instructions your post-acute care team gives. Your care team will know best what you should or should not be doing after leaving, so it’s important to listen. If any questions come up afterwards, don’t hesitate to call and ask. After all, your care team wants the best possible recovery for you.


With the highest quality skilled nursing care and a 5-Star CMS rating for three years in a row, the Health Center at Lions Gate can help seniors reach their full potential. Providing individualized 24-hour care, support and access to everything Lions Gate has to offer, seniors can truly get the most out of their post-acute care stay.

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